Entry #13

10 Years on Newgrounds.

2016-05-30 15:23:54 by creepyboy

Ten years ago today I created my Newgrounds account and my journey on the best site on the internet began.

I know I'm not really an active member of the site and I'm not well known but I feel Newgrounds is like my internet home; I've spent countless hours here watching content, creating and submiting (subpar) content nobody likes/watches and lurking the forums and the chat.

Here's a pic of the Tankman figure I got 4 years ago, one of the coolest souvenirs I got from here.



And if you wanna know a little more about me and my history on the site check this interview Assandir did to me 2 years ago.



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2016-05-30 17:58:46

10 years... that's a lot, man. Congrats!


2016-05-30 18:09:37

Happy birthday, creepyboy's NG account!